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No Man’s Land in Loreto Aprutino (PE) is the realization of an idea that, now more than ever, takes on a political and social value. It is located in the open countryside, far from any towns, and it is to this place that the large-scale installation by Yona Friedman with Jean-Baptiste Decavèle is dedicated, so as not to “colonize” the place but to create a replicable “architecture”. The “image” that Friedman has planned and built, here in Contrada Rotacesta, spreads over two hectares with a natural tapestry made out of a huge amount of white river stones, a structure of 1,000 bamboo canes, and an imaginary dictionary carved into over 200 walnut trees. Its construction saw the active participation of the students of the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome, of the Faculty of Architecture of Pescara and of the art schools of the area, becoming, as such, a privileged place for the renewal of the processes of education and distribution of culture.
No Man’s Land is proposed as a model of ethical and social change, following an environmentally sustainable pattern that gives the place back unto itself. The negative sense of no man’s land, a land without rules, here takes on a positive meaning: No Man’s Land is a gift from art to everyone. No Man’s Land, thanks to the continued collaboration with schools, with the students, teachers and families involved, is a social container that hosts and at the same time feeds off the creativity and energy of the local community.
Mario Pieroni President of the No Man’s Land Foundation

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