Saturday 9th October 2021 No Man’s Land Foundation presents a permanent site-specific installation by Fabrice Hyber

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9th October 2021 – from 11 a.m.

The project will include a permanent intervention in the area of No Man’s Land, already the host of many permanent installations, and open for free to all (365 days a year around the clock) with particular attention to didactic aspects. An intervention will be made on a centuries-old oak tree by inserting among its branches a very colourful DNA chain. Simultaneously, the artist will make a large-scale ceramic piece for the Loreto Aprutino Ceramic Museum (legal office of the No Man’s Land Foundation) setting off a series of proposals of ceramic works by contemporary artists. 

At the round table the following day, biologists, neurologists, agriculturists, architects, art historians and writers will be invited to discuss the impact of nature on the future of our world.

11.00: No Man’s Land Foundation Contrada Rotacesta – Loreto Aprutino (PE): unveiling of the site-specific permanent installation by Fabrice Hyber entitled Le Chêne et les Noyers / The Oak and the Walnuts, curated by Zerynthia Voluntary Contemporary Art Association.

13:00: Acerbo Museum of Castelli Ceramics – Via Giacomo Acerbo 1, Loreto Aprutino (PE): opening of the new space of the No Man’s Land Foundation with an exhibition of ceramic works by contemporary artists Alberto Garutti, Felice Levini, H. H. Lim, Fabrice Hyber, Donatella Spaziani, curated by the No Man’s Land Foundation.

15:30: Luigi De Deo Civic Theatre – Via dei Mille 4/5- Loreto Aprutino (PE): Round table: Metti un Seme e Salva il Mondo / Pick a Seed and Save the World.

Participants: Alberto Colazilli – Expert in gardens and landscape restoration; Antonio Di Marco, President of the association I Borghi più belli d’Italia for Abruzzo and Molise; Lina Ghibelli, Cellular biologist, Tor Vergata University, Rome; Hou Hanru – Artistic director of the MAXXI Rome and L’Aquila; Fabrice Hyber – artist; Monique Savoie – President/Founder of the Société des Arts Technologiques, Montréal; Lucio Zazzara – President of the Maiella National Park, Abruzzo.
Moderator: Giovanna Felluga – Scientific Committee of the No Man’s Land Foundation.

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Installation site-specific Le Chêne et les Noyers / La Quercia e i Noci by Fabrice Hyber in No Man’s Land Foundation, Loreto Aprutino. Fabrice Hyber with his works in the ceramist workshop and during the installation inside the Museo Acerbo of Loreto Aprutino

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